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Character design

AJ (2).png

Meet Abraham Jacob Schwartz (AJ for short) a young Jewish kid from the Bronx heavily into producing and eating non kosher hot dogs even though his Ima disapproves. His dream one day is to make it in the 'movie bizz' although his Aba wants him to take over the family business, "Schwartz' Deli." 

Untitled_Artwork (9).png

Meet Bonnie Marie Tines, average camo-pants-wearing girl by day combat sergeant by night. Being raised by her two bionic mothers has shaped her into the strong independent young woman she is today. 


Meet Vernon Daniel "VD" Henry, your friendly neighborhood hacker. Need an A on the next history project? Danny has got you covered, there is not a code in the system that can take on the genius that is "VD". 


Meet Ravyn "Rae" Thearson II, daughter of Ravyn, Questleader of the Galaxy. Although her heir to throne is inevitable, Rae is far more interested in chemical engineering and ensuring the progression of their world. 

Omri Goldberg

Meet Omri Aleksander Goldberg, a young Jewish boy born to jewelry shop owners. Omri works fine, but most kids in school actually call him the Gold since he’s always got some of his parents inventory on him. Though contrary to popular belief, he's one of the worst negotiators of all time. 

Talia Galinski

Meet Talia Galinski, all around activist and has the rarest collection of jazz in the Bronx area. Yup she’s that girl. Rumor has it she started dating this high school boy named Steve when they met in CIT training at Camp Elohim. 

Frankie Stein

Meet Frankie Stein, not your typical monster but rather an original hypebeast! Frankie’s collection is simply to die for, making his father Big Frank very proud although he is disappointed his baby face isn’t haunting like his dad. 


Meet Tatyana Nicole Browne, Tati to all her friends, originally from the Bronx. Basketball team’s MVP,  Captain of the Mathletes, and works nights at her Pop's restaurant, she does it all. Oh and she’s AJ’s secret crush! Tati has no time for boys though.


Shana Tova from Bubbie to all our fellow Jews out there! Not prepared for Rosh Hashanah? Bubbie’s in Boca with fresh apples and honey, wine, all the best to have a sweet new year! Spoiler her lipstick will end up on your punim and your cheeks squeezed too hard but that homemade challah will be worth it!

Lucy Fern

Meet Lucy Fern, yes her dad is Lucifer blah she’s heard it all before. She could care less about her obligation to the conforming world of immortal darkness she’s destined for but rather wants to fulfill HER artist dreams in Miami, but is afraid of getting sunburnt.

Seth Cohen

Say shalom to Mordechai Seth Cohen. Call him Mordechai and he won’t answer. He goes by Seth except around his family. Most people know Seth for being the funny guy who is almost too politically correct. As his parents are Hasidic he still wears his payot to honor his family’s wishes.

Kayla Katz

Meet Kayla Katz, premature cat lady and native of Chicago. She’s a natural bball star on the court even though she’s rather short. This may come as a surprise to you but parents her go to temple even if she’s half Jew. 

Tony Bones

Meet Tony Bones, the baddest biker to ever live. Whether he’s on the Highway to Hell or not, death always flashes before his “eyes” cuz he’s bad to the bone. Yea bad to the BONE. 

Untitled_Artwork 66.png

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Tribute

Untitled_Artwork 67.png

Maddy Perez (Euphoria) Tribute

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